Floral tablescape with green printed tablecloth and napkins and multicolored floral plates

Impress your guests with 3 easy napkin folding techniques

Napkins are an easy way to update your table and there are so many ways to fold them beyond a simple rectangle. 

Below are three easy options that our team loves to use on our own tablescapes!

  • The Quick Tie
    • Fold napkin into a rectangle (as you would normally)
    • Fold lengthwise again to a thinner rectangle
    • Place fork or fork and knife in middle of rectangle and secure with a ribbon
Napkin folded into narrow triangle with fork secured by a ribbon on a green pattern tablecloth
  • The Tassel
    • Unfold the napkin with the pattern laying face up on the table
    • Grab the center of the napkin between your thumb and pointer finger
    • Secure tassel shape by sliding a napkin ring down the middle of the napkin or tying with a ribbon
Green print napkin secured with a rattan napkin ring on a matching tablecloth
  • The Knot
    • Make a triangle by folding the napkin in half 
    • Starting at the wide end, fold the napkin up by 1 inch
    • Continue folding the 1 inch section over itself towards the top of the triangle
    • Once fully wrapped, bring the two end together and tie napkin into a knot
      • Bonus: If the knotted napkin appears to long for your place setting, simply fold the tops of each end inside the roll
Green printed napkin tied into a knot on a green plate with a matching printed tablecloth

We can't wait to see how you style your own tables! Send us your pictures via @the_ec_table.